Fish Habitat Enhancement

The improvement of fish habitat in your pond or lake can be very
beneficial to your fish population.  Structure or cover can be
made of various materials and can provide shelter to your young
forage fish, promoting better growth and survival.  The materials
act as attractors because of both the shelter that they provide
and available prey items that inhabit the areas.  It also creates
more areas for bass to ambush their prey, which for the angler,
attracts the bass to known areas.  Recent research has shown
that largemouth bass growth can be better in ponds that have
reasonable amounts of structure.  Proper placement of structure
can be very important in making the most use out of your pond
bottom contours and design.  We are experienced in placing
various types of structure using both sonar and GPS

The photos on this page show us placing various types of
structure in order to improve fish habitat.  The materials include
Christmas Trees, Fish Habs, and Porcupine Fish Attractors.

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